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Designed with a economy that brings the best of free to play and play to earn, Bored Army are collectible NFTs that allow you to earn without forgetting the main focus which is to have some fun playing!
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Games cannot be boring. Collect real rare NFT`s, play the games you like best and get rewarded with real money.
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Can you imagine being rewarded for laughing, making friends, cheering or even participating? Discover our events, engage with the community and win lots of things!
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We offer a secure and stable payment option paired with the US dollar - BUSD. When using our platform, your earnings are converted into BUSD, providing greater stability compared to the rest of the cryptogaming market.
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Bored army


Start of the journey

Minting of Bored Army Heroes collection (BAH). Every NFT minted will come with a pack of 210 ENG. During pre-launch, you will have a 20% chance to mint a Bored Army Undead. This particular collection will have a limited total supply and each Bored Army Undead will have an infinite amount of energy, allowing them to play on the earn mode forever.

One single NFT per address

During this phase you can only purchase one NFT per account. After the official launch, there will be no limits on NFT purchases per account.

Affiliates reward

Bored army will have a affiliates program to reward you by your indications. Referral bonuses can be paid up to 7 levels deep.

Bored army

Official launch

Welcome to the club

When you buy a Bored Army, you’re gaining membership access to a club that will increase overtime in not only members but benefits!

Jan 2023 - First game launch

Based on the world's most successful game, your NFTs will be able to play by solving puzzles and earning medals that can be exchanged for real money.

Feb 2023 - New Games

Bored Army is an army of characters that broke the status quo. New games will be added so you can use your NFT in the games you like the most.

Mar 2023 - Scholarship

Scholarship is a tool that connects Bored Army owners with players who want to play in Play to Earn mode but don't have the money to start their journey. This tool will allow the NFT owner to lend it to a player who will play and share the winnings with the NFT owner.

Aug 2023 - Yield Farming

Governance Tokens will be delivered through Farming mode. Tokens can be earned in games available in the Bored Army universe. Owning governance tokens will allow you to have leveraged earnings in Play-to-Earn mode.

Programs, Seals, and Awards that boost our growth.
These are some of the important entrepreneurship support programs that Bored Army has been selected for.
With the selection of our startup for these programs, we have access to a wide network of support and resources to accelerate our growth and reach new heights.
Dell for Startups is a program that offers resources to help startups grow, such as mentoring, networking, and access to advanced technologies.
Amcham Arena is an initiative by the American Chamber of Commerce that connects startups with large companies and investors.
Inovativa is a federal government program that offers training, mentoring, and connections with investors and accelerators.